Artists: omg MICHELLE!

God brought us together. It's true. Best friends met (mostly on the dance floor) got wild and Oh My God Michelle was born. The friends had a concept for a sound they felt was missing. Eventually we sweat one of Helen's favorite local DJ/Producers, Kingdom and GRRRLLLL BOOM, You Don't Know Michelle.

Alisa aka Christmas: A tall glass of gay, consisitng of magic, mania, and miso. This Girl/boy wonder has been representin OG tripple OG M'chelly in upstate since '89.

Chaydha aka lil' man: So little and sweet, she'll creep a freak. Raised in North Carolina, this country girl be keepin' it crunk.

Helen: Is from the Midwest and is fixated with all things Southern; fashion, church, Grannies, and music.

Melanie aka Cocoa Slim: Part purple layer cake part cyborg, all gay all the time. Solid gold son. Everyone sings, rhymes and writes.